Sicilian Red Preserves

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Sugo alla Norma 190 grammi - Sicilus Srl

Sauce alla Norma 190 grams

From €2,90
Norma sauce 190gr  The traditional recipe of Sicilian cuisine Bring the authentic taste of Sicily to the table with our 190 gram Sugo alla Norma. Prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients,...
Sugo alla Eoliana, 290 grammi - Sicilus Srl

Aeolian sauce, 290 grams

From €4,90
Aeolian sauce 290gr Inspired by the authentic flavors of the Aeolian Islands Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of the Aeolian Islands with our 290 gram Eoliana sauce. This unique...
Pesto di Pistacchio 180 grammi - Sicilus Srl

Pistachio Pesto 180 grams

From €4,90
Pistachio Pesto 180gr Discover the authentic taste of Sicily with our 180 gram Pistachio Pesto. A versatile and delicious condiment, ideal for enriching any dish with the unique and unmistakable...
Carciofi a Spicchi, 290 grammi - Sicilus Srl

Artichokes in segments, 290 grams

From €3,90
Raw Artichoke Wedge Salad 290 grams The Fresh Taste of Sicily Taste the freshness and authenticity of Raw Artichoke Wedge Salad 290 grams. This delicious preparation, typical of the Sicilian...
Melanzane a Filetti, 290 grammi - Sicilus Srl

Fillets of aubergines, 290 grams

From €3,90
Fillets of aubergines 290 grams Bring the authentic flavor of Sicily to the table with ours Eggplant to Filetti 290 grams. Worked with care and with high quality ingredients, these aubergines are...
Olive dell'Etna, 290 grammi - Sicilus Srl

Etna olives, 290 grams

From €4,90
Etna olives 290 grams  Bring the unique flavor of Olives from Etna 290 grams. Harvested at the foot of the majestic Etna volcano, these high quality olives are carefully processed...
Pomodoro Ciliegino Semisecco, 290 grammi - Sicilus Srl

Semi-dry cherry tomato, 290 grams

From €4,90
Tomato Semisecco cherry 290 grams Discover the authentic and refined taste of ours Tomato Semi-dry cherry 290 grams. A unique product, which brings to the table all the flavor and...
Capuliato, Pomodoro Secco Tritato, 290 grammi - Sicilus Srl

Capuliato, Chopped Dried Tomato, 290 grams

From €3,90
Dried Tomato Capuliato 290gr Ancient Sicilian traditions at the table Discover the intense and authentic taste of ours Dried Tomato Capuliato 290 grams. This delicious preparation, typical of the Sicilian...
Caponata di Melanzane 190 grammi - Sicilus Srl

Eggplant caponata 190 grams

From €3,90
Eggplant caponata 190gr Sicilian tradition on the table Taste the true essence of Sicilian cuisine with our 190 gram Eggplant Caponata. This delicious dish is an authentic symbol of the...
Pesto di basilico, ricotta e mandorle, 180gr - Sicilus Srl

Basil pesto, ricotta and almonds, 180gr

From €3,90
Basil, Ricotta and Almond Pesto 180gr Bring the authentic taste of Sicily to your table with our Basil, Ricotta and Almond Pesto. This delicious condiment combines the freshness of basil,...
Condimento Piccante per Bruschette "Etna", Box Cunzata - Sicilus Srl

Spicy Seasoning for Bruschetta "Etna", Cunzata Box

From €9,90
Spicy seasoning for bruschetta Bruschè Etna 90gr Explore the vibrant flavors of Sicily with Bruschè Etna, a unique cream that brings the warmth of the island directly to your table. ...
Crema di Carciofi, Box Cunzata - Sicilus Srl

Artichoke Cream, Cunzata Box

From €9,90
Bruschè Artichokes 90gr Bring the authentic taste of Sicily into your kitchen with Artichoke Bruschè, a delicious cream perfect for enhancing your dishes. Available on Sicilus, the point of reference...

"Rosso Conserve di Sicilia" Collection - Sicilian Tradition and Quality

Discover the "Rosso Conserve di Sicilia" collection, a set of products that represent the excellence and tradition of Sicilian gastronomy. Since 1997, Giuseppe Rosso Conserve di Sicilia has been dedicated to the production of ready-made preserves and sauces, combining experience, innovation and the ancient food and wine traditions of the Ragusa area and south-eastern Sicily.

The Products of the Collection:

  • Ready Sauces: Prepared with fresh, local ingredients, these sauces bring the true flavor of Sicilian cuisine to the table.
  • In Oil: Olives, aubergines, artichokes and other vegetables preserved in oil, perfect for enriching appetizers and side dishes with authentic flavours.
  • Pestos and Bruschettas: Delicious combinations of Sicilian ingredients, ideal for seasoning pasta or spreading on croutons.

Philosophy and Quality:

The philosophy of Rosso Conserve di Sicilia is based on the use of excellent raw materials, often grown directly in the surrounding area, guaranteeing zero km products of the highest quality. Each product is made following traditional recipes, without the use of preservatives, thickeners or artificial additives, to offer healthy and genuine food.

A Journey into the Flavors of Sicily:

The products of Rosso Conserve di Sicilia tell the story of a land rich in flavors and traditions. From preserves to sauces, each product is a journey into the authentic flavors of Sicily, perfect for those who want to bring the authenticity and quality of Mediterranean cuisine to the table.

Explore the "Rosso Conserve di Sicilia" collection and let yourself be conquered by the unique and unmistakable flavors of this splendid region. Perfect for any occasion, these products represent the essence of the Sicilian food and wine tradition, ready to share with friends and family.