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Sicilian pasta, sauces and pestos

There Sicilian pasta it is known throughout the world for its superior quality and its unmistakable flavour.

At our Sicilus e-commerce site you can find a selection of Sicilian pasta made with Sicilian durum wheat and processed according to ancient recipes.

You will also be able to find pasta produced with ancient grains such as Russello and Timilia. These ancient grains, grown sustainably and according to strict production regulations, give the pasta a unique flavor and a perfect consistency. They have a low glycemic index, which means that, once consumed, they do not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar compared to other types of grains.

Sauces and Pestos

Among our specialties to pair with Sicilian pasta there is for example the sugo alla norma, with a sauce based on tomato, salted ricotta, aubergines and basil; the condiment with sardines, with a tasty condiment based on sardines, pine nuts, raisins and parsley, and many other Sicilian sauces ready in 5 minutes.

As for pairing Sicilian pasta with typical pestos, you can choose from a vast selection, including:

  • Wild fennel pesto is a delicious sauce prepared with wild fennel, parsley, garlic, pecorino cheese and pine nuts. Wild fennel, an aromatic plant typical of Sicily, gives the pesto an intense and decisive aroma. It is perfect for seasoning pasta, but can also be used as a condiment for grilled meats and fish or as a base for bruschetta and crostini.
  • Pistachio pesto, on the other hand, is a sauce based on Bronte pistachios, a high-quality variety of pistachio originating from Sicily. Pistachios are finely chopped along with pecorino cheese, garlic, parsley and olive oil, to create a creamy and flavorful pesto. As well as as a condiment for pasta, it can also be used as a base for sauces and to fill focaccias and sandwiches.
  • Finally, Trapanese pesto is a sauce based on tomato, almonds, basil and garlic, typical of the province of Trapani, in Sicily. Also excellent as a condiment for bruschetta and as a base for meat and fish sauces.

All these Sicilian pestos are prepared with high quality ingredients and carefully selected, to guarantee maximum taste and authenticity, directly from our local producers.

Don't miss the opportunity to taste real Sicilian pasta with our typical sauces and pestos, you will be able to bring some flavors and aromas of Sicily to the table.