Peluso 1964, Sicilian Artisan Biscuits

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Biscotti di pasta frolla con crema al Pistacchio, moretti 250 grammi, sicilus shop

Shortcrust pastry biscuits with pistachio cream

From €3,90
Shortcrust pastry biscuits with pistachio cream Moretti with pistachio of Peluso artisan biscuits Let yourself be tried by the creaminess of the pistachio cream and the fragrance of the shortcrust...
biscotti di mandorle, Paste di mandorla al Pistacchio Pistaki, 250 gr

Pistachio Pistachio almond pastes

From €3,90
Pistachio Pistachio almond pastes The Pistachio almond paste Pistaki di Peluso Artigiana Biscotti are the Original Sicilian almond biscuits Made with simple and genuine ingredients: almonds, sugar and pistachios. The...
Paste di mandorla agli agrumi di Sicilia, 250 gr, SICILUS SHOP

Sicilian citrus almond biscuits

From €3,90
Sicilian citrus almond biscuits Sicilian citrus almond biscuits, produced by Peluso artisan biscuits, capture the essence of the Sicilian confectionery tradition in every bite: always soft and fragrant. The selection...
biscotti alla pasta di mandorle siciliani Peluso, Sicilus Shop

Sicilian sweetness biscuits of Sicily

From €6,90
Sicilian sweetness biscuits of Sicily Let yourself be transported by the genuine flavor of the Sicilian confectionery tradition with the biscuits to the almond sweetness of Sicily. These artisan pastries,...
Biscotti di pasta frolla Canestrini alla Nocciola, 170 gr, decoro ceramica scatola,SICILUS SHOP

Canestrini hazelnut shortcrust pastry biscuits

From €3,50
Canestrini hazelnut shortcrust pastry biscuits, The hazelnut canestrini are pastry pastries individually with the authentic and genuine flavor of the Sicilian pastry, representing a perfect balance between tradition and quality....

Almond almond biscuits

From €6,90
Almond almond biscuits of almond of Peluso The almond biscuits whim of almond of Peluso represent a sweet and genuine Sicilian break. These pastries, born from the simplicity of the...
Biscotti di pasta frolla Canestrini al Pistacchio - Sicilus Srl Confezioni Regalo Aziendali

Canestrini pistachio shortcrust pastry biscuits

From €3,50
Canestrini pistachio shortcrust pastry biscuits The soft shortcrust pastry meets the creaminess of the pistachio, embellished with a whole pistachio as a seal of authenticity. Produced in Modica, each biscuit...
Biscotti Fiocchi di mandorle Peluso, Sicilus Shop

Biscuits Fiocchi di Albero Peluso

  COOKIESPeluso almond flakes Peluso almond flakes represent one of the most authentic and loved Sicilian delights. These artisan peluso almond flakes are distinguished by their external crunchiness and a...
foto di panettone alla cassata siciliana con crema al gusto di ricotta prodotto da peluso a Modica e venduto da Sicilus

Panettone at the Sicilian Cassata with Ricotta taste cream in Sac a few

Panettone at the Sicilian cassata di Peluso with cream in a few ricotta flavors   This Panettone at the Sicilian Cassata Produced in Modica (RG) by the renowned Bollard Company Peluso,...
Biscotti di pasta frolla alla Nocciola 250 grammi, Sicilus Shop

Shortcrust pastry biscuits with hazelnut cream

From €3,90
Hazelnut shortcrust pastry biscuits Moretti with the hazelnut Discover the genuine sweetness of the hazelnut hazelnut shortcrust pastry biscuits. of artisan peluso biscuits. The high quality shortcrust pastry embraces a...
Paste di Mandorla con Passito e note di agrumi di Sicilia

Almond pastes with Passito and notes of Sicilian citrus fruits

DiVini almond and passito biscuits with notes of Sicilian citrus fruits Immerse yourself in the taste of Sicilian tradition with the DiVini with Almonds and Passito, enriched by aromatic liqueur...
Panettone cioccolato di Modica igp, Peluso Galatea – Cioccolato di Modica IGP agli agrumi e Crema in sac a poche - Sicilus

Modica PGI Chocolate Panettone with Citrus Fruits and Cream in a piping bag, Color Line

Modica PGI Chocolate Panettone with Citrus Fruits and Cream in a piping bag   The Modica Chocolate Panettone Citrus PGI is an inimitable dessert from the artisanal pastry shop of...
Peluso 1964, Biscuit Artisan - Sicilus

Peluso 1964, Artigiana Biscotti:The Sweet Tradition of Sicily

Discover the sweet tradition of Sicily with our selection of artisanal biscuits"Peluso 1964, Artigiana Biscotti". This selection represents the work of Peluso 1964, a well-known name in the world of desserts, which has been delighting palates with exquisite biscuits since 1964.

Main features:

  • Sicilian Authenticity:Peluso 1964 continues the Sicilian confectionery tradition by offering a range of biscuits that celebrate the true flavors of the region.
  • Variety of Choice:From the range of Peluso 1964 products, you will be able to discover a variety of flavors ranging from pastries to almond pastes, from biscuits rich in D'Avola almonds to hazelnut Canestrini, each piece offering a different taste experience.
  • Quality Ingredients:The quality of Peluso 1964 biscuits is reflected in the choice of ingredients. Only high quality raw materials such as selected almonds, Sicilian pistachios, and natural ingredients are used to make these delights.
  • Unique Sensory Experience:Savoring Peluso 1964 biscuits is not only a pleasure for the palate, but also a journey into the natural flavors and aromas of Sicily.

Explore our collection and discover the unique flavors of Peluso 1964, which bring the passion and tradition of Sicilian biscuit art directly to your home, making every moment sweet and special.