Sicilian artisanal panettone

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foto di panettone alla cassata siciliana con crema al gusto di ricotta prodotto da peluso a Modica e venduto da Sicilus

Panettone at the Sicilian Cassata with Ricotta taste cream in Sac a few

Panettone at the Sicilian cassata di Peluso with cream in a few ricotta flavors   This Panettone at the Sicilian Cassata Produced in Modica (RG) by the renowned Bollard Company Peluso,...
Panettone Peluso Calipso senza scatolo con Cioccolato di Modica IGP e Pistacchio in sac a poche - Sicilus Shop

Panettone with Pistachio and Modica Chocolate

From €29,90
Panettone Peluso Calipso Elegant with Modica IGP and pistachio chocolate in Sac to a few From the meeting of the precious Sicilian pistachio with the delicious Modica IGP chocolate a...
Panettone senza lattosio, con Olio extravergine di oliva e Scorze di Limone Candito, sicilus shop

Lactose -free panettone with extra virgin olive oil and lemon peel

From €22,90
 PANETTONE Lactose without extra virgin olive oil and candied lemon, bonfissuto Sicilus presents a delight for everyone: theLactose -free panettone, with extra virgin olive oil and candied lemon peel, an...
panettone fichi, noci e moscato, peluso, Sicilus

Panettone Figs, Walnuts and Moscato di Sicilia DOC, Elegant Line

Panettone Figs, Walnuts and Moscato di Sicilia DOC, Elegant line The Fig, Walnut and Moscato di Sicilia DOC Panettone is handcrafted by Peluso in Modica. The unique aroma and delicious...
Peluso Penelope panettone - citrus peel and Australian raisins

Peluso Penelope panettone - citrus peel and Australian raisins

From €29,90
Panettone peluso peelope Citrus peel and Australian raisins   The candied Sicilian orange peel, together with the diamond cedar and the precious Australian raisins "6 carats" dive into the soft...
Panettone Peluso Ciclope senza scatolo – Cioccolato di Modica IGP e Frutti di Bosco - Sicilus

Modica PGI Chocolate and Berries Panettone

ARTISAN PANETTONE WITH BERRIES AND MODICA PGI CHOCOLATE Explore CICLOPE, the new artisanal panettone Sicilian.This exceptional artisanal panettone it is the result of a meticulous selection of fine ingredients. The...
Panettone cioccolato di Modica igp, Peluso Galatea – Cioccolato di Modica IGP agli agrumi e Crema in sac a poche - Sicilus

Modica PGI Chocolate Panettone with Citrus Fruits and Cream in a piping bag, Color Line

Modica PGI Chocolate Panettone with Citrus Fruits and Cream in a piping bag   The Modica Chocolate Panettone Citrus PGI is an inimitable dessert from the artisanal pastry shop of...
Panettone pera e cioccolato, pasticceria Bonfissuto, Sicilus shop

Bonfissuto panettone with chocolate and pear

From €22,90
Piettone pear and chocolate A masterpiece of taste from the Bonfissuto pastry shop, Canicattì (AG) Come and discover the genuine flavor of Sicily with ours Piettone pear and chocolate, a...
Panettone con Uvetta e Passito di Pantelleria

Bonfissuto Panettone with Raisins and Passito di Pantelleria

 PANETTONE BONFISSUTO WITH RAISINS AND PASSITO PANTELLERIA Discover the magic of Sicily with Bonfissuto's Panettone Pantelleria. This delicacy, created with passion and dedication, stands out for its artisanal recipe made...
Panettone Fiasconaro Cioccolato e Fragoline Nero Sublime - 1 kg - Sicilus

Fiasconaro chocolate and strawberry panettone - Sublime black

Fiasconaro chocolate and strawberry panettone Sublime black An explosion of Sicilian taste The Fiasconaro chocolate panettone And "Black Sublime" Fragoline is an experience of award -winning and authentic Sicilian taste,...
Panettone al Pistacchio Fiasconaro Oro Verde, Sicilus

Fiasconaro Gold Gold Fiasconaro Pistachio

Green gold fiasconaro panettone: For pistachios lovers in one Elegant gift box   The Panettone Green gold fiasconaro1 kg is a Sicilian delicacy that celebrates the intense and characteristic taste of...

Traditional Fiasconaro Panettone with Fresh Orange Candied Fruit

From €16,90
Traditional Fiasconaro Panettone with fresh orange peels and flavored raisins The Panettone Fiasconaro Traditional it is the Christmas dessert par excellence, a true delight for the palate that combines tradition and artisanal...


Welcome to the selection of Sicilian Artisan Panettone from Sicilus, where Sicilian tradition meets pastry making mastery to create unforgettable desserts. Each artisanal Sicilian panettone contains the secrets of ancient recipes and the love for genuine ingredients, guaranteeing superior quality in every bite.

Discover the variety of Sicilian artisanal panettone come on unique flavors and textures, the result of a slow and natural leavening, which enhances the softness and aroma of these masterpieces. The care in the selection of ingredients, the attention to detail and the passion for pastry art make ours Sicilian artisanal panettone a true symbol of Sicilian sweetness.

Each Sicilus Artisan Panettone is produced with high quality local ingredients, including Sicilian dried fruit and citrus fruits grown in our lands. Our artisanal pastry shop focuses on Sicilian tradition, keeping alive the ancient production techniques that give each panettone an authentic flavour.

Explore our selection of panettone, which includes:

  • Panettone from the Bonfissuto pastry shop of Canicattì: Produced by the renowned Pasticceria Bonfissuto in Canicattì, these panettoni are a delight for the palate. They are prepared with fresh ingredients and follow the pastry making traditions of the area, guaranteeing an authentic and irresistible taste.
  • Bronte Pistachio Panettoni from the Bacco company: Bronte pistachio panettone is a Sicilian excellence. The Bacco company prepares them with the prized Bronte pistachio, giving them a unique flavor rich in aromas. Every bite is a feast for the senses.
  • Panettone with Modica PGI Chocolate from the Peluso 1964 company of Modica: If you love chocolate, you can't resist the Modica PGI chocolate panettone from the Peluso 1964 company. Prepared with Modica PGI chocolate, they are characterized by a grainy texture and an intense flavor that conquers chocolate lovers.
  • Panettoni from the award-winning Pasticceria Fiasconaro of Castelbuono: each panettone represents a product of excellence from the Sicilian pastry tradition. The use of the highest quality raw materials such as fresh eggs, Sicilian honey, fresh candied orange fruit and sourdough make each Fiasconaro panettone a masterpiece of Sicilian confectionery art. They are presented with elegant hand wrapping or in gift boxes. The exclusive panettone products produced in collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana are also available for a sure-to-be-successful gift!

Immerse yourself in the Sicilus experience and treat yourself to moments of pure gustatory pleasure or make your festive occasions special with our artisanal Sicilian panettoni, which bring the heart of Sicily to your table.