Sicilian Almond Pastes

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biscotti di mandorle, Paste di mandorla al Pistacchio Pistaki, 250 gr

Pistachio Pistachio almond pastes

From €3,90
Pistachio Pistachio almond pastes The Pistachio almond paste Pistaki di Peluso Artigiana Biscotti are the Original Sicilian almond biscuits Made with simple and genuine ingredients: almonds, sugar and pistachios. The...
Paste di mandorla agli agrumi di Sicilia, 250 gr, SICILUS SHOP

Sicilian citrus almond biscuits

From €3,90
Sicilian citrus almond biscuits Sicilian citrus almond biscuits, produced by Peluso artisan biscuits, capture the essence of the Sicilian confectionery tradition in every bite: always soft and fragrant. The selection...
biscotti alla pasta di mandorle siciliani Peluso, Sicilus Shop

Sicilian sweetness biscuits of Sicily

From €6,90
Sicilian sweetness biscuits of Sicily Let yourself be transported by the genuine flavor of the Sicilian confectionery tradition with the biscuits to the almond sweetness of Sicily. These artisan pastries,...

Almond almond biscuits

From €6,90
Almond almond biscuits of almond of Peluso The almond biscuits whim of almond of Peluso represent a sweet and genuine Sicilian break. These pastries, born from the simplicity of the...
Biscotti Fiocchi di mandorle Peluso, Sicilus Shop

Biscuits Fiocchi di Albero Peluso

  COOKIESPeluso almond flakes Peluso almond flakes represent one of the most authentic and loved Sicilian delights. These artisan peluso almond flakes are distinguished by their external crunchiness and a...
Paste di Mandorla con Passito e note di agrumi di Sicilia

Almond pastes with Passito and notes of Sicilian citrus fruits

DiVini almond and passito biscuits with notes of Sicilian citrus fruits Immerse yourself in the taste of Sicilian tradition with the DiVini with Almonds and Passito, enriched by aromatic liqueur...
Confezione Regalo Pasquale "Capricci di Sicilia" - Sicilus Srl

Easter Gift Box "Capricci di Sicilia"

Celebrate Easter with a touch of Sicilian elegance and tradition thanks to our exclusive "Easter Gift Box - Capricci di Sicilia". This gift box, elegantly packaged, is a real homage...
Confezione Regalo "Dolcezze al Pistacchio" - Sicilus Srl

"Pistachio Sweets" Gift Box

The Pistachio Sweets Gift Box is a premium selection of Sicilian sweets, designed for those who want to savor or give as a gift the essence of Sicily. This package...
paste di mandorla con ciliegia sicilus

Classic Almond Pastries with Candied Cherry - 500g

Sicilian Pistachio Almond Paste - 500g Savor the delicious Almond Paste with Pistachio Sicilus, one of the typical delicacies of the Sicilian culinary tradition. These soft biscuits based on fresh...

Discover our almond pastes Sicilian, perfect for every occasion

Sicilian almond pastries, also known as almond paste or Sicilian almond biscuits, are a real specialty of Sicily!

Handcrafted according to traditional recipes. These biscuits are made with finely chopped almonds, sugar and other simple ingredients, such as eggs and flour, to create a soft and tasty dough. Once cooked, the biscuit is then cut into slices and decorated with grains of icing sugar.

Sicilian almond pastries are a perfect dessert for any moment of the day, to accompany a coffee or tea, or as a base for cakes and other desserts.

They are individually packaged to maintain their freshness and fragrance. They also make a great gift for anyone who loves Sicilian desserts or simply wants to try something new and delicious.

On Sicilus, you can find classic almond pastries with candied cherry, pistachio, decorated with almond flakes or white, all delicious and carefully packaged.

For almond lovers, there are also blocks of almond paste to prepare almond-flavoured drinks.

Don't miss out on this Sicilian delicacy, available at a special price on Sicilus!