Fiasconaro panettone - Castelbuono (PA)

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Panettone tradizionale fiasconaro con canditi d'arancio ed uvetta aromatizzata al marsala e zibibbo, 500 grammi, Sicilus

Fiasconaro Traditional Classic Panettone - 500g

 Traditional classic panettone fiasconaro - 500g Enjoy the Christmas confectionery tradition with the Fiasconaro traditional classic panettone, a 500g masterpiece with candied fruit Fresh orange And raisins flavored with marsala...

Sweet and Gabbana panettone at the Pistachio di Sicilia

From €41,00
Dolce and Gabbana Fiasconaro panettone to the pistachio of Sicily Discover the Dolce and Gabbana panettone to the pistachio of Sicily produced by the award -winning pastry shop Fiasconaro: a unique...
Foto del panettone fiasconaro dolce e gabbana agli agrumi di Sicilia e zafferano nella confezione di latta da 1 kg, Sicilus

Dolce and Gabbana Fiasconaro Panettone to the citrus fruits of Sicily and Zafferano

From €19,00
The "Dolce and Gabbana" Fiasconaro panettone to the citrus fruits of Sicily and saffron: Pastry excellence meets high fashion If you are looking for a unique culinary experience, do not...
Panettone Pere e Cioccolato, Fiasconaro, incarto a mano, Sicilus

Pears and Chocolate Panettone, Fiasconaro

From €22,90
Fiasconaro pear panettone and chocolate: the tasty combination of tradition and innovation! The Fiasconaro Pere and chocolate panettone and chocolate 1 kg is a typical sweet of the Christmas and...
Panettone artigianale Fiasconaro alle mandorle con incarto a mano

Fiasconaro artisan panettone with almonds 1 kg

Fiasconaro Almond Panettone - 1 kg Discover the Fiasconaro artisanal panettone at almonds 1 kg, a work of confectionery art that combines the tradition of panettone with the intense flavor of...

Traditional Fiasconaro Panettone with Fresh Orange Candied Fruit

From €16,90
Traditional Fiasconaro Panettone with fresh orange peels and flavored raisins The Panettone Fiasconaro Traditional it is the Christmas dessert par excellence, a true delight for the palate that combines tradition and artisanal...
Panettone Pandorato Fiasconaro 1 kg Fiasconaro, Sicilus

Pandorato panettone Fiasconaro 1 kg

Pandorato Fiasconaro panettone: The delicious union of the two worlds!! The Pandorato Fiasconaro panettone is a dessert that reinvents the classic Pandoro, thanks to the talent of the Fiasconaro pastry...
Panettone Fiasconaro con gocce di Cioccolato, incarto a mano, Sicilus

Panettone Fiasconaro with chocolate chips

From €16,90
Fiasconaro Panettone with Chocolate: Sicilian Delight not to be missed on Sicilus!! The Panettone Fiasconaro with chocolate chips, made in Castelbuono, is a Sicilian delight that combines tradition and innovation...
Panettone Fiasconaro Cioccolato e Fragoline Nero Sublime - 1 kg - Sicilus

Fiasconaro chocolate and strawberry panettone - Sublime black

Fiasconaro chocolate and strawberry panettone Sublime black An explosion of Sicilian taste The Fiasconaro chocolate panettone And "Black Sublime" Fragoline is an experience of award -winning and authentic Sicilian taste,...
Panettone al Pistacchio Fiasconaro Oro Verde, Sicilus

Fiasconaro Gold Gold Fiasconaro Pistachio

Green gold fiasconaro panettone: For pistachios lovers in one Elegant gift box   The Panettone Green gold fiasconaro1 kg is a Sicilian delicacy that celebrates the intense and characteristic taste of...
Panettone Fiasconaro Oro di Manna, Sicilus

Fiasconaro Gold's panettone of Manna

Fiasconaro Gold by Manna panettone: A triumph of Sicilian flavors In an exclusive gift box   The Gold Panettone by Manna Fiasconaro 1 kg is a masterpiece of the Sicilian...
panettone al caffè Fiasconaro oro nero, Sicilus

Fiasconaro coffee panettone - black gold

Fiasconaro black gold panettone: chocolate chips and coffee cream in an exclusive gift box The Coffee panettone Fiasconaro Gold 1 kg is a work of art of the Sicilian pastry...
Welcome to our exclusive selection of Panettone Fiasconaro, an authentic Sicilian delight that brings the traditional taste of Sicily directly to your table. THE Panettone Fiasconaro they are the emblem of the passion for high quality baking combined with the art of Sicilian pastry making. With deep roots in the island's culinary tradition, these panettones are a perfect gift for those who want an authentic taste of Sicily.

Key features of ours Panettone Fiasconaro:

Top quality ingredients: Our Fiasconaro Panettoni are made with carefully selected ingredients, including fine saffron, Bronte pistachios and Sicilian honey. These high quality ingredients give a unique and unmistakable flavour.

Sicilian craftsmanship: Each Fiasconaro Panettone is the result of careful craftsmanship. Our master pastry chefs dedicate time and passion to create a product that is a true work of gastronomic art.

Variety of Flavors: Choose from a variety of flavors that include the classic Panettone with candied fruit and raisins, Panettone with Bronte pistachio, and other delicacies that will take you on a journey through the unique flavors of Sicily.

Perfect Gift Box: Fiasconaro Panettoni are carefully packaged to make your special gift even more impressive. Whether you're thinking of a corporate gift or a surprise for friends and family, these panettones are an amazing choice.

Give a piece of Sicily as a gift with our Fiasconaro Panettoni. Delight yourself with the authentic Sicilian flavor and share the joy of the holidays with those you love. Choose quality, choose tradition, choose Panettoni Fiasconaro.