High Quality Fiasconaro, Panettone and Colombe

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colomba cioccolato fiasconaro

Fiasconaro Chocolate Colomba

From €14,90
Chocolate Colomba - Fiasconaro   Taste the goodness of Fiasconaro Chocolate Colomba, an Easter cake prepared with a soft dough and naturally leavened for 36 hours. The Fiasconaro Chocolate Colomba...
scatola di colomba artigianale fiasconaro con fragoline e ciliegie di sicilia 1000 grammi - Sicilus

Artisan Colomba Fiasconaro Strawberries and Cherries from Sicily 1 kg

Discover the explosion of flavors of Artisan Easter Dove: Mint, strawberries and Sicilian cherries in a single delicious Fiasconaro creation   Celebrate Easter with a unique taste experience: the Fiasconaro artisanal...
colomba dolce e gabbana alle mandorle di sicilia fiasconaro

Dolce and Gabbana Colomba with Sicilian Almonds Fiasconaro 750 grams

Dolce and Gabbana Fiasconaro Colomba with Sicilian Almonds - tradition meets creativity   There Dolce and Gabbana Fiasconaro Colomba with Sicilian Almonds 750 grams is a unique experience for the palate, a delicate...
colomba frutti di bosco fiasconaro

Colomba Forest Fruits Fiasconaro

From €21,90
Artisan Easter Colomba with Fiasconaro Berries - Sweetness and taste in every bite   There Artisan Easter Colomba with Berries of Fiasconaro it is a baked dessert with semi-candied berries, covered with...
oro di manna colomba fiasconaro

Colomba Oro by Manna Fiasconaro

Colomba Oro di Manna Colomba Fiasconaro   There Colomba Oro di Manna from Fiasconaro it is one of the most original artisanal Easter doves among those selected by the famous...
 Colomba Pere e Cioccolato Fiasconaro

Fiasconaro Pears and Chocolate Colomba

Fiasconaro Pears and Chocolate Colomba   There Fiasconaro Pears and Chocolate Colomba is a delicious baked dessert made with pieces of candied William pears, ideal for celebrating Easter in a...
Colomba Dolce E Gabbana al Cioccolato e Fragoline Fiasconaro con crema

Dolce E Gabbana Colomba with Chocolate and Fiasconaro Strawberries

Fiasconaro Dolce and Gabbana Colomba with Chocolate and Wild Strawberries D&G Fiasconaro: an explosion of taste   There Dolce and Gabbana Easter Colomba with Chocolate and Wild Strawberries it is...
nero sublime colomba fiasconaro scatola

Black Sublime Colomba Fiasconaro

Fiasconaro Sublime Black Colomba: a unique and delicious baked dessert   There Easter dove Black Sublime Fiasconaro is a unique and delicious baked dessert, winner of the 3 stars of...
Colomba Classica Fiasconaro 1 kg - Sicilus Srl

Classic Colomba Fiasconaro 1 kg

Classic Colomba Fiasconaro 1 kg, artisanal with fresh candied oranges covered with icing and almonds Taste the Italian tradition with the Classic Colomba Fiasconaro. There Classic Colomba Fiasconaro is made...
confettura di fragole e arance di sicilia fiasconaro sicilus shop

Sicilian Strawberry and Orange Jam Fiasconaro 360 gr

Strawberry and orange jam of Sicily - Fiasconaro: authentic Sicilian taste This exquisite Strawberry and orange jam of Sicily, produced with artisan care from Fiasconaro, will surprise you with an...
Confettura Extra di "Pesche di Leonforte IGP" Fiasconaro 360 gr - Sicilus Srl Confezioni Regalo Aziendali

Fiasconaro"Leonforte PGI Peaches"Extra Jam 360 gr

Extra peaches jam of leonforte IGP Fiasconaro: the unique taste as just collected!   Imagine you wake up in the morning with the aroma of the PGI leonforte peaches, hand...
Confettura Extra di Fichi d'india Fiasconaro 360 gr - Sicilus Srl Confezioni Regalo Aziendali

Fiasconaro Prickly Pear Extra Jam 360 gr

Extra figs of India Fiasconaro figs   Discover the authentic taste of Sicilian prickly pears with this extra jam Fiasconaro. Produced in Castelbuono by the award -winning Sicilian Fiasconaro company,...

Buy Fiasconaro Panettoni online and the Fiasconaro Colombe

On Sicilus you can find all the variations of Easter doves Fiasconaro And Fiasconaro Christmas panettone available for shipping, classic line, fruit doves, gold line and Dolce and Gabbana panettone and doves.

Pasticceria Fiasconaro, based in Castelbuono in Sicily, is a family-run company that stands out for the production of panettone and Easter colombe of the highest quality. The Fiasconaro family, who has managed the company for four generations, pays particular attention to the choice of raw materials and tradition in the production of their desserts.

Fiasconaro panettone are made with sourdough and natural leavening for at least 36 hours, thus guaranteeing an artisanal product of the highest quality. Thanks to the passion for tradition and the search for raw materials, Fiasconaro is considered the "King of Artisanal Panettone of Sicily".

The range of Fiasconaro products also includes Easter doves, available in different variants, from the classic line to the fruit doves, passing through the gold line. Furthermore, it is also possible to buy jams, honey, nougat and spreadable creams, such as Fiasconaro manna cream, all available all year round.

The line created with Dolce and Gabbana is also particularly successful, thanks to the combination of expertly dosed Sicilian raw materials and the elegance of the tin boxes made with decorations specially created by D&G.

Purchasing Fiasconaro products is simple and convenient: you can place an order online and receive it directly at your home in just 48 hours. The speed of ordering and shipping, combined with the high quality of the products, make Fiasconaro the ideal choice for those looking for artisanal sweets of exceptional quality.

In conclusion, if you are looking for very high quality Easter panettone and colomba, do not hesitate to choose Fiasconaro products. Thanks to the long experience of the Fiasconaro family, the passion for tradition and the care in choosing raw materials, these desserts are able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.