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scatola Panettone Panbacco con crema al Pistacchio

Panettone Panbacco filled with Pistachio cream 900 grams

Pistachio PanBacco 900 grams A delicacy of artisanal Panettone The 900 gram PanBacco panettone with pistachio cream is not just a dessert, but a taste experience. The result of 56...
Cesta di Natale Dolcezze Siciliane SICILUS

Christmas basket of Sicilian sweets

Christmas Basket "Sicilian Sweets" Discover the magic of the holidays with our exclusive "Sicilian Sweets" Christmas hamper. Crafted with care, this hamper includes a selection of Sicilian delicacies that will...
Panettone cioccolato di Modica igp, Peluso Galatea – Cioccolato di Modica IGP agli agrumi e Crema in sac a poche - Sicilus

Modica PGI Chocolate Panettone with Citrus Fruits and Cream in a piping bag, Color Line

Modica PGI Chocolate Panettone with Citrus Fruits and Cream in a piping bag   The Modica Chocolate Panettone Citrus PGI is an inimitable dessert from the artisanal pastry shop of...
Cesta di Natale "Bontà al Pistacchio" SICILUS

Christmas Basket "Pistachio Goodness"

Christmas Basket "Pistachio Goodness" Discover the authentic taste of Sicily with our exclusive Sicilian Pistachio Gift Basket, a tribute to the traditions and flavors of the island. Perfect for pistachio...
cremoncello di sicilia al pistacchio, distilleria fratelli russo, sicilus

Cremoncello di Sicilia alla pistachio, Russian distilleries, 50cl

Cremoncello di Sicilia with Pistachio - Distillerie Russo   Discover the Cremoncello di Sicilia with Pistachio from Distillerie Russo, a liqueur that embodies the true essence of Sicily. This cream...