Sicula brioche

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Box Brioche Siciliana col Tuppo 70 grammi - Sicilus Srl Confezioni Regalo Aziendali

Sicilian Brioche with Tuppo carton, 70 grams

€109,90From €26,90
- Sicilian Brioscia with Tuppo - The authentic Sicilian sweetness for yours Breakfast and snack   >> Tradition and authentic flavor  Our Sicilian British with Tuppo, offered by Sicilus, is...
mini briocia con il tuppo, sicilus

Sicilian brioche mini with tuppo, 35 grams

€32,90From €27,90
Mini Brioscia with the tuppo: the gentleness in miniature Discover the delight of the Mini Brioscia with the tuppo, the younger sister of the traditional Sicilian British with Tuppo. This...
brioche siciliana paffutella con crema, sicilus

Sicilian brioche paffutella with cream dispenser

€29,90From €26,90
Sicilian brioche paffutella: An invitation to gluttony at any time of the day   Paffutella is a soft and fragrant Sicilian brioche, which conquers the first taste. This dessert, with...
Brioche siciliana panzotta con farcitura salata, sicilus

Sicilian brioche panzotta

From €26,90
Brioche Panzotta: The art of versatility in a Sicilian dessert   A meeting of sweetness and flavor The brioche panzotta is the response to the need for a dessert that...
brioche siciliana con il tuppo con gocce di cioccolato, siculabrioche, sicilus

Sicilian brioche with the tuppo with chocolate chips

From €28,90
- Sicilian Brioscia - chocolate with tuppo: A tasty twist to tradition   A new taste from the Sicilian tradition Our Sicilian British with Tuppo is a treasure of Sicilian...

From the Heart of Aci Catena:The Authentic Sicilian Brioche from Siculabrioche

Immerse yourself in the sweet world of Sicilian pastry making with Siculabrioche, the trusted supplier of artisanal brioches. Founded in 1997 by Lucio Pappalardo and his mother, the company quickly became known for its dedication to quality and authenticity.

The History of Siculabrioche:

Siculabrioche was born from the desire to celebrate and share the rich pastry tradition of Sicily. From the enchanting territory of Aci Catena, they began to create delights that today are appreciated in bars and ice cream parlors throughout Europe.

The Siculabrioche Mission:

They don't just create simple brioches, but celebrate the combination of tradition and innovation. Thanks to their freshness-saving capsule, each brioche maintains its softness and fragrance for over two months.

Their Establishment:

Over 1,000 m2 dedicated to the creation of authentic desserts.
Daily production of 15,000 Sicilian brioches which celebrate the genuine taste of Sicily.

A Journey of Taste:

Eating a Siculabrioche brioche is a journey back in time. We relive the ancient Sicilian pastry art, with a modern touch that only passion and dedication can offer.

Savor the Authenticity:

Explore the sweetness of Sicily with their brioches. Discover authentic Sicilian brioche on Sicilus and let yourself be won over by the unparalleled flavor of Siculabrioche.