Bonfissuto panettone - Canicatti (AG)

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Panettone pera e cioccolato, pasticceria Bonfissuto, Sicilus shop

Bonfissuto panettone with chocolate and pear

From €22,90
Piettone pear and chocolate A masterpiece of taste from the Bonfissuto pastry shop, Canicattì (AG) Come and discover the genuine flavor of Sicily with ours Piettone pear and chocolate, a...
Panettone al Pistacchio con la crema di pistacchio di Sicilia

Artisan Panettone with Bonfissuto Pistachio and Pistachio Cream

 Artisanal Pistachio Panettone and Bonfissuto White Chocolate The Perfect Harmony between Sweetness and Authentic Taste   Pistachio and White Chocolate: An Irresistible Combination of Flavors Explore the paradise of flavors...
panettone artigianale al cioccolato Bonfissuto, Sicilus shop

Handcrafted chocolate panettone, bonfissuto pastry

From €22,90
Handcrafted chocolate panettone, bonfissuto: The sweetness of traditions An authentic goodness of the Bonfissuto pastry shop, our artisan chocolate panettone is an ode to the real Sicilian gastronomic traditions. Prepared...
Panettone Bonfissuto 18 carati con crema al cioccolato di Modica

18 Carat Chocolate Panettone

Modica Chocolate Panettone of the Bonfissuto Pastry Shop   This precious Bonfissuto package is perfect for all chocolate lovers! Contains an 18K Chocolate Panettone produced with natural leavening, dark chocolate...
Panettone Delle Due Sicilie, Bonfissuto 1 kg

Panettone of the Two Sicilies, Limited Edition, Bonfissuto 1 kg

The "Panettone from the Two Sicilies" of the pastry shop Bonfissuto it is an artisanal product that celebrates the gastronomic richness of two Italian regions, Sicily and Campania. This exclusive panettone...
Panettone senza lattosio, con Olio extravergine di oliva e Scorze di Limone Candito, sicilus shop

Lactose -free panettone with extra virgin olive oil and lemon peel

From €22,90
 PANETTONE Lactose without extra virgin olive oil and candied lemon, bonfissuto Sicilus presents a delight for everyone: theLactose -free panettone, with extra virgin olive oil and candied lemon peel, an...
Panettone con Uvetta e Passito di Pantelleria

Bonfissuto Panettone with Raisins and Passito di Pantelleria

 PANETTONE BONFISSUTO WITH RAISINS AND PASSITO PANTELLERIA Discover the magic of Sicily with Bonfissuto's Panettone Pantelleria. This delicacy, created with passion and dedication, stands out for its artisanal recipe made...
Panettone Pandorato Siciliano Bonfissuto con Vaniglia del Madagascar - Sicilus Srl Confezioni Regalo Aziendali

Pandorato Sicilian bonfissuto panettone with Madagascar vanilla

From €22,90
Pandorato Sicilian panettone Bonfissuto pastry shop   From the Sicilian tradition, the Sicilian Pando Pandorato Panettone signed by the Bonfissuto pastry shop is born, a magical encounter between the enveloping...
Panettone alle mandorle con la crema di mandorle di Sicilia

Bonfissuto Almond Panettone and Jar of Almond Cream

  Bonfissuto almond panettone with vessel of spread cream Artisanal almond panettone prepared with natural mother yeast Covered with White chocolate and whole almonds Cream with 35% of almonds Gift...
Panettone artigianale ai frutti di bosco, Bonfissuto, Sicilus Shop

Bonfissuto artisan panettone with berries

From €22,90
Discover the delicious artisan panettone with berries of Bonfissuto: a harmony of tastes   Come and discover the fragrant flavors with the panettone with the berries of Bonfissuto! Prepared with...
panettone tradizionale Bonfissuto, incarto a mano, Sicilus Shop

Traditional bonfissuto panettone with oranges of Sicily and vanilla from Madagascar

From €24,90
Traditional panettone Bonfissuto craftsman The traditional bonfissuto panettone represents the essence of the Sicilian artisan pastry, combining skill and genuine ingredients for an unparalleled experience of taste. Produced in Canicattì...

If you are looking for a manufacturer of quality artisanal panettone, Bonfissuto is the right choice for you.

Bonfissuto is a Sicilian pastry shop that for years has dedicated itself to the production of panettone and colomba according to ancient traditional recipes. Bonfissuto panettoni are made with top quality ingredients, such as natural sourdough, ancient Sicilian grain flour, almonds, pistachios, Modica chocolate, oranges, lemons and much more. Each panettone is an explosion of creativity and aromas, which enhance the taste and authenticity of Sicilian products. Bonfissuto offers a wide range of panettone, from the most classic to the most original, to satisfy all palates. You can choose between the traditional panettone, the two Sicilies panettone, the pistachio panettone, the 18 carat panettone, the Pantelleria panettone, the chocolate panettone and many others. Furthermore, you can also find artisanal doves, ideal for Easter, with different fillings and coverings. By purchasing Bonfissuto panettone and colombe, you will be able to savor the goodness of Sicilian pastries and treat yourself to a moment of sweetness.