Spreadable Creams

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crema di pistacchio fiasconaro sicilus shop

Fiasconaro pistachio cream 180 gr

Fiasconaro pistachio cream  There Fiasconaro pistachio cream It is a delicious and soft pistachio cream, perfect for spreading on bread, rusks, croissants or to stuff homemade biscuits and sponge cake....
crema di cioccolato di sicilia fiasconaro 180 grammi , Sicilus

Sublime black Sicily chocolate cream, fiasconaro

Sicilian black Sicily chocolate cream fiasconaro   Discover the delicious Sublime black Sicily chocolate cream, a chocolate and hazelnut cream with a soft and velvety consistency. There Sublime black Sicily...
crema alla manna oro di manna fiasconaro , Sicilus

Manna Cream, Manna Gold, Fiasconaro 180 gr

Fiasconaro Manna Cream, produced from the sap of Madonie ash trees   Discover the authentic taste of Sicily with the Fiasconaro Manna cream on Sicilus. Manna, a typical Sicilian product...
crema di cioccolato di sicilia dolce e gabbana prodotta da fiasconaro in scatola regalo

Sicilian chocolate cream dolce & gabbana, fiasconaro, 200 gr

200g Sicily chocolate cream - Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian delicacy in a jar: the Sicilian chocolate cream 200g, signed Dolce & Gabbana, is the result of the merger between the...
crema al caffè fiasconaro, Sicilus

Coffee cream, Fiasconaro 180 gr

The intense taste of coffee in a spreadable cream: the delight of Fiasconaro   There Fiasconaro coffee spreadable cream It is an artisan product, made with high quality ingredients and...
crema di pistacchio di sicilia fiasconaro con scatola ed etichetta firmata dolce e gabbana

Sicilian pistachio cream sweet and gabbana, fiasconaro

Sicily pistachio cream - Dolce and Gabbana This 180 -gram pistachio pistachio cream is a signature of excellence, born from the collaboration between the famous Sicilian pastry shop Fiasconaro and...
Almond cream of Sicily Dolce & Gabbana, Fiasconaro

Almond cream of Sicily Dolce & Gabbana, Fiasconaro

Almond cream of Sicily - Dolce & Gabbana   Meet your palate with the incredible 200g Sicily almond cream, signed Dolce & Gabbana. This delicious ointment is the result of...
crema di mandorle fiasconaro, Sicilus

Almond cream, Fiasconaro 180 gr

Fiasconaro almond cream: the goodness of the Sicilian almonds in a Fiasconaro spreadable cream   There Fiasconaro almond cream It is a unique and tasty artisan product, the result of...

Spreadable Creams:

perfect at any time of the day!

The Spreadable Creams Sicilian are a delight for the palate, perfect to accompany a snack or for a tasty break during the day. We at Sicilus offer a vast variety of flavours, including the most famous and appreciated of the Sicilian tradition: the Pistachio spreadable cream, the hazelnut one and the almond one.

There Pistachio spreadable cream, for example, is obtained by grinding pistachios, enriched with sugar and milk to obtain a spreadable cream with a velvety consistency and a unique and inimitable taste. It is perfect for filling tarts, cakes and sponge cakes or to be used for other dessert preparations or simply spread on bread!

All three spreads are genuine, prepared with quality ingredients and without preservatives to offer an authentic and genuine taste. They are perfect for giving as gifts or for enjoying on special occasions, but also for a simple tasty break during the day.

Sicilus therefore offers a wide range of spreads prepared with quality ingredients, without preservatives for an authentic and genuine taste.

The processing of the spreadable creams takes place following traditional methods, to preserve the authenticity of the ingredients and the authentic flavour. Furthermore, all our products are carefully packaged to ensure maximum freshness and quality upon receipt.

For those who love Sicilian delicacies, Pistachio, Hazelnut and Almond spreadable creams are a taste experience that cannot be missed. Furthermore, they are easy to use to delight the palate in many different confectionery preparations.

Spreadable creams are a true gastronomic treasure of Sicilian cuisine, and we offer the opportunity to enjoy them comfortably at home.

Once opened the package can be stored in the refrigerator for a few weeks, but we assure you that they will not stay there for long!