Sicilian Brioche, the originals with Tuppo!

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Box Brioche Siciliana col Tuppo 70 grammi - Sicilus Srl Confezioni Regalo Aziendali

Sicilian Brioche with Tuppo carton, 70 grams

€109,90From €26,90
- Sicilian Brioscia with Tuppo - The authentic Sicilian sweetness for yours Breakfast and snack   >> Tradition and authentic flavor  Our Sicilian British with Tuppo, offered by Sicilus, is...
mini briocia con il tuppo, sicilus

Sicilian brioche mini with tuppo, 35 grams

€32,90From €27,90
Mini Brioscia with the tuppo: the gentleness in miniature Discover the delight of the Mini Brioscia with the tuppo, the younger sister of the traditional Sicilian British with Tuppo. This...
brioche siciliana paffutella con crema, sicilus

Sicilian brioche paffutella with cream dispenser

€29,90From €26,90
Sicilian brioche paffutella: An invitation to gluttony at any time of the day   Paffutella is a soft and fragrant Sicilian brioche, which conquers the first taste. This dessert, with...
Brioche siciliana panzotta con farcitura salata, sicilus

Sicilian brioche panzotta

From €26,90
Brioche Panzotta: The art of versatility in a Sicilian dessert   A meeting of sweetness and flavor The brioche panzotta is the response to the need for a dessert that...
brioche siciliana con il tuppo con gocce di cioccolato, siculabrioche, sicilus

Sicilian brioche with the tuppo with chocolate chips

From €28,90
- Sicilian Brioscia - chocolate with tuppo: A tasty twist to tradition   A new taste from the Sicilian tradition Our Sicilian British with Tuppo is a treasure of Sicilian...

Authentic Sicilian Brioche with Tuppo – An Unrivaled Taste

Welcome to our selection of Sicilian Brioche, the original ones with Tuppo! These delicious creations represent one of the most loved and recognizable delicacies of the Sicilian pastry tradition. Their name"con il Tuppo"refers to the characteristic shape that recalls the traditional hairstyle of Sicilian women.

Why Choose Our Sicilian Brioche:

Authenticity:We offer brioche prepared following traditional Sicilian recipes, guaranteeing an authentic tasting experience.
Quality:We only use high quality ingredients to ensure a soft, fragrant and delicious brioche.
Versatility:Perfect to enjoy alone, with a sprinkling of icing sugar, or paired with a fresh granita or homemade ice cream.

Discover our range of Sicilian Brioche and treat yourself to an unforgettable taste of Sicily, or make every occasion special by giving these delights to your customers, employees and partners. With Sicilus, Sicilian tradition and goodness are just a click away!