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Polara, the company producing the famous "Le Bibite di Sicilia", has over 60 years of history and continues to produce drinks following ancient recipes and using fine, high quality ingredients. Constant care and daily attention are reflected in the entire production process, from the selection of ingredients to production, up to laboratory controls.

Polara is one of the most important companies in the drinks field in Sicily, southern Italy and the Mediterranean area. The company follows a philosophy of growth together with its customers, satisfying their needs and those of an increasingly selective and cost-conscious market.

Polara drinks are produced with carefully selected natural ingredients, according to Sicilian tradition and with modern and safe equipment. The production range has expanded with the recent addition of the vintage line: the drinks of the past, born from an ancient recipe, preserved and handed down from generation to generation.

Polara uses selected raw materials, the result of an authentic and generous land like Sicily, famous for its IGP and DOP quality citrus fruits. Sweet oranges, chinotto, lemons and citron, the undisputed protagonists of Polara drinks, offer a unique taste and extraordinary taste experiences.

The production of Polara drinks follows rigorous controls along the supply chains to guarantee maximum quality and food safety. The company has obtained important certifications, including ISO 14001 on environmental sensitivity and ISO 9001 for self-control and process regulation, the IFS Food protocols as a guarantee standard on food safety and the European organic certification.

The passion for tradition and innovation guides the research, work and production of Polara, which continues to offer quality drinks to Sicilians and to satisfy consumers with thirst-quenching drinks with a good, genuine Sicilian taste.