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Box Brioche Siciliana col Tuppo 70 grammi - Sicilus Srl Confezioni Regalo Aziendali

Sicilian Brioche with Tuppo carton, 70 grams

€109,90From €26,90
- Sicilian Brioscia with Tuppo - The authentic Sicilian sweetness for yours Breakfast and snack   >> Tradition and authentic flavor  Our Sicilian British with Tuppo, offered by Sicilus, is...
crema di pistacchio fiasconaro sicilus shop

Fiasconaro pistachio cream 180 gr

Fiasconaro pistachio cream  There Fiasconaro pistachio cream It is a delicious and soft pistachio cream, perfect for spreading on bread, rusks, croissants or to stuff homemade biscuits and sponge cake....
crema di cioccolato di sicilia fiasconaro 180 grammi , Sicilus

Sublime black Sicily chocolate cream, fiasconaro

Sicilian black Sicily chocolate cream fiasconaro   Discover the delicious Sublime black Sicily chocolate cream, a chocolate and hazelnut cream with a soft and velvety consistency. There Sublime black Sicily...
oro di manna colomba fiasconaro

Colomba Oro by Manna Fiasconaro

Colomba Oro di Manna Colomba Fiasconaro   There Colomba Oro di Manna from Fiasconaro it is one of the most original artisanal Easter doves among those selected by the famous...
brioche siciliana con il tuppo con gocce di cioccolato, siculabrioche, sicilus

Sicilian brioche with the tuppo with chocolate chips

From €28,90
- Sicilian Brioscia - chocolate with tuppo: A tasty twist to tradition   A new taste from the Sicilian tradition Our Sicilian British with Tuppo is a treasure of Sicilian...
scatola di colomba artigianale fiasconaro con fragoline e ciliegie di sicilia 1000 grammi - Sicilus

Artisan Colomba Fiasconaro Strawberries and Cherries from Sicily 1 kg

Discover the explosion of flavors of Artisan Easter Dove: Mint, strawberries and Sicilian cherries in a single delicious Fiasconaro creation   Celebrate Easter with a unique taste experience: the Fiasconaro artisanal...
Colomba al Pistacchio Colombacco Retrò

Pistachio Colomba Colombacco retro 900 gr

Pistachio Colomba Colombacco Retrò 900 gr ColomBacco Retrò with Pistachio - Artisan Colomba It stands out for its careful packaging:satin paper fixed with a satin bow, personalized with the words"Artisan...

Welcome to the Best Seller collection of Sicilus, the e-commerce specialized in gift boxes and typical Sicilian products. Here you will find a wide range of bestselling products to satisfy your desires for taste and quality.

Among our most requested typical Sicilian products, we present Sicilian durum wheat pasta famous for its rough texture, perfect for retaining seasonings and giving each dish a unique and authentic flavour.

But it doesn't end here! You can also find extra virgin olive oil, obtained from olives grown in Sicily using traditional methods and harvested by hand, to guarantee an authentic flavor and exceptional quality.

And for your moments of relaxation, we recommend our typical desserts, such as Sicilian cannoli, with their creamy and crunchy filling, or pistachio biscuits, made with the green gold of Sicily.

Don't miss the opportunity to savor the true essence of Sicily, choosing from our bestselling typical products, guaranteed by the passion and care of our local producers. Order now and enjoy the authentic and genuine flavors of Sicily, comfortably at home.