Sicilian honey

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Miele di Nettare di Millefiori Fiasconaro, vasetto da 350 grammi

Fiasconaro Millefiori nectar honey, 350 gr

Millefiori nectar honey 350 g of Fiasconaro The flavors of authentic Sicily are enclosed in Millefiori nectar honey Produced in Castelbuono from the well -known Sicilian company Fiasconaro. Variable color,...
miele di nettare di zagara di agrumi fiasconaro vasetto da 350 grammi

Honey of nectar of citrus zagara, fiasconaro 350 gr

Honey of nectar of citrus zagara - Fiasconaro Discover the authentic Sicilian sweetness with the Citrus Zagara honey Produced in Castelbuono by the acclaimed company Fiasconaro.Main features:Versatile and tasty: Perfect for...
Miele di Nettare di Cardo Fiasconaro, 350 gr - Sicilus Srl

Cardo Fiasconaro Cardo Net, 350 gr

Thistle Nectar Honey 350 g - Fiasconaro Discover the authentic sweetness of Sicily with Thistle Nectar Honey 350 g, produced by the renowned company Fiasconaro, located in the picturesque village...
Miele di Nettare di Sulla Fiasconaro, 350 gr - Sicilus Srl

Miele of nectar of Sul Fiasconaro, 350 gr

Sulla Nectar Honey from Fiasconaro - 350g Discover the authentic taste of Sicily with our Sulla di Fiasconaro Nectar Honey. This honey, produced in the heart of Castelbuono, is a...

Sicilian honey:variety of flavors from our island

Sicilian honey is a typical product of the island, collected by bees that feed on the flowers present in its lush vegetation. Sicily offers a great variety of blooms, from which different varieties of honey are obtained, each with a unique taste and aroma. Sicilian honey can be dark or light, and its flavor can vary from sweet to slightly bitter.

Sicily is famous for the production of many types of quality honey and some areas are particularly suitable (for example Zafferana Etnea). Among the most prized honeys there are chestnut honey, carob honey, orange blossom honey, eucalyptus honey, lime honey and thyme honey.

Chestnut honey, for example, is characterized by a dark color and an intense and persistent flavour, while carob honey has a dark brown color and a bitter taste, similar to that of dried fruit. Orange blossom honey, on the other hand, is sweet and fragrant, with a delicate orange aroma.

Our honey is a completely natural product, which does not undergo any refining process, thus preserving all its beneficial properties for health. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and is a precious ally for our health.

Sicilian honey is highly appreciated for its quality and unique flavor, which makes it perfect to accompany cheeses, yogurt and desserts. Furthermore, being rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it is a precious ally for our health.

Choose Sicilus Sicilian honey to savor the authentic flavors of the island and to benefit from its beneficial properties.